//Market Research Society Conference

At the end of March, Concept Completion provided lighting design services and supplied lighting, truss and power distribution to the production company responsible for the Market Research Society’s annual conference. The main conference room was used for keynote speeches and then, with the quick removal of a central section, set and staging and the addition of the venue’s wall, the room was partitioned into two separate syndicate rooms for smaller sessions. This requirement meant that the lighting had to be designed not only to evenly light the stage as one, but also as two smaller stages. This meant two separate Litec QX30S trusses with two lighting systems that mirrored each other. The lighting comprised of an even stage wash from eight Selecon Acclaim fresnels. Ten ETC Source4 Junior zoom profiles were used to highlight the on-set logos and branding as well as the three different lectern positions. The two rooms were powered, cabled and controlled separately. With the removal of the wall and a quick addition of the set and stage piece and a lighting control link, the room became one again and ready for the keynote speech to the 500 delegate audience.


//Written: April 4, 2010
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