//Weddings at RHS Wisley

We were pleased to support RHS Wisley in developing a lighting installation for a series of weddings in their stunning glasshouse.

Supplying the necessary equipment and crew, we installed our design overnight on the day prior to each wedding. This allowed for a quick turn around time once the glasshouse had closed to the public, and enabled the caterers to have a relatively free space to work during their set up period.

RHS Wisley Glasshouse lighting

Our design consisted of using overhead GLP Volks Licht LED moving wash lights, coupled with static lighting using ETC source 4 junior’s alongside par56 parcans. This was all rigged from our stock Litec QX30S truss using CM Prostar 250kg motors.
We complemented the overhead lighting with floor based lighting, using additional par56 parcans and our battery powered GDS Liteware UL LED uplights. This allowed us to get some lighting in to areas where power wasn’t available.

To see more photos from this series of events, please check out the portfolio page here.

//Written: September 5, 2014
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//Serpentine Gallery Garden Marathon

Concept Completion was pleased to support the Serpentine Gallery with its recent Garden Marathon. Running from the 15th October to the 16th of October, we provided lighting, rigging, power distribution a stage and the white set.

img_0827Serpentine Gallery Garden Marathon 2011 Photograph: Federico Martelli © Serpentine Galleryimg_0815

Set inside a visually impressive dome tent, the galleries event was held a stones throw from its London premises in Kensington Gardens.
Using our stock GDS liteware uplights, we were able to light the interior of the tent beautifully during the evening. This added interest and drew people towards the event.

//Written: November 8, 2011
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//Hangar Seven

Concept Completion was asked to provide lighting for a promotional event showcasing the Hangar Seven space. Using the existing roof structure we rigged generic lighting fixtures to create a textured floor wash. We combined this with several custom gobos of the venues logo to project around the space.

Hangar SevenHangar SevenHangar Seven
Hangar SevenHangar SevenHangar Seven

Utilising our stock GDS Liteware wireless LED uplights, we bathed the walls in the Hangar Seven brand yellow. These were also used outside in the marquee leading up to the entrance way. We coupled this with exterior lighting which bathed the marquee in the company colours.

//Written: October 26, 2011
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//Amnesty International Media Awards 2011

Concept Completion have recently worked closely with Amnesty International and Ballistic Events to make this years Amnesty International Media Awards the successful prestigious event that it was.


Lighting the BFI from the front we created a lighting design that greeted the guests at the front door and continued into the reception before entering the main auditorium. We projected the Amnesty International candle logo on the underside of Waterloo Bridge, which drew attention to the event as well as pointed the way for guests. The guests were then greeted in the reception area with the Amnesty International pink branding shooting up the walls. This up lighting was done using the latest LED wireless up lights.

In the main auditorium space, we helped bring the awards to life whilst maintaining compassion towards the content of the films being shown.

//Written: July 25, 2011
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