//GLP X4 Bar 20 now in stock

We’ve started off 2019 by adding GLP Impression X4 Bar 20’s to our expanding hire stock. These are punchy LED batten units, with high quality optics and tilt & zoom control.

These come cased in boxes of 4, complete with omega brackets & clamps for hanging, and the usual collection of safeties and cables.

//Written: February 4, 2019
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//Shoreditch festival 2011

Concept Completion worked closely with the producers of Shoreditch Festival. For this years festival, they went back to it roots, launching 4 stages along the canal side by Shoreditch High Street. With well known bands, such as The Whip, along with up and coming acts, the lighting on the main stage had to be cutting edge and work with many different styles and genres.


Fighting with the sun for most of the day, our lighting design had to keep this in mind whilst utilising the latest technology. The weekend was wet, as all summer weekends in the UK tend to be, but the festival went off without a hitch. Partially due to our equipments high waterproof rating along with thorough planning. A.C Entertainment Technology kindly loaned us two demo units of the GLP Volks|Licht Zoom for this job. We were so impressed by these we have recently purchased some for our expanding lighting hire stock.

//Written: August 15, 2011
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