//Road Hog 4 now in stock

We’re now pleased to be able to offer Road Hog 4’s from our increasing inventory of hire products.

Featuring a large 22″ multi-touch display, inbuilt DMX, ArtNet & sACN outputs, Hog Net connections for desk linking, and solid state hard drive storage, this is a powerful console in a small footprint.
We are also able to offer the MIDI and Timecode widget to complement the Road Hog 4 if required.

//Written: March 12, 2017
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//Frieze Art Fair

Concept Completion were working for Group ADI to provide their lighting and rigging solutions at Frieze Art Fair in Regents Park. Working alongside ADI and the artists themselves, we created specific lighting packages allowing the artists to achieve their goals whilst conforming to the strict health and safety on site.
Concept Completion also provided the rigging for large plasma screens above each door way. This may seem simple on paper, but when coupled with small rigging spaces, being sandwiched between a false wall and marquee as well as dealing with a structure that moves considerably in the wind, you need to make sure every eventuality is accounted for.

//Written: October 19, 2011
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//Beaconsfield Gallery – Wedding

In September, Concept Completion undertook the lighting, sound and staging for a wedding taking place at the Beaconsfield Gallery in London. This contemporary space features an ornate railway arch where the wedding celebrations took place.

Towards the end of the arch, a 16ft x 8ft stage was installed to accommodate the band. This was carpeted in black complete with a matching fascia. We used the latest high quality d&b audiotechnik system, along with a Yamaha LS9 mixing console. This gave us the flexibility to give the band individual monitor mixes as well as mix front of house for both the band and a DJ later in the evening.

Beaconsfield Gallery WeddingBeaconsfield Gallery WeddingBeaconsfield Gallery Wedding110903_mg_8773110903_mg_8775110903_mg_8779

The lighting was designed to transform the railway arch into an intimate atmospheric venue. Our brief from the client was – midnight under the stars. We created this using a light blue patterned break up of light complemented with warm uplighting. Later in the evening we changed the colour of the venue to match the desired cabaret brief.
We also installed some exterior lighting to highlight the beauty of the building and give guests some light to enjoy the celebrations by.

//Written: October 3, 2011
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//Martin Mac 350 Entours now in stock

Concept Completion are pleased to announce the introduction of Martin Mac 350 Entour moving profile lights to its hire stock. These units feature an 8000 lumen LED light source, which makes them not only incredibly bright for their size, but also extremely energy efficient.

Concept Completion's Mac 350 EntoursConcept Completion's Mac 350 EntoursConcept Completion's Mac 350 Entours

The Mac 350 units feature a compact lightweight design which is ideal for situations where hanging weight limits are at a premium. They also feature 8 interchangeable dichroic colours, 6 rotating and indexable gobos and full electronic dimming.

//Written: August 16, 2011
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//GDS liteware UL uplights now in stock

Concept Completion are pleased to announce the addition of more GDS liteware UL uplights to its extensive hire stock. These battery powered 40W RGB LED uplighters are ideal for venues with restrictions on cable runs and little to no power availability.

Featuring 50 built in colour presets, as well as 20 preset snaps and fades, these units are well suited to rapid deployment into any venue. From a full charge, these units will last for 24 hours, whilst looking elegant in their stainless steel enclosures.

Concept Completion's liteware UL uplightsConcept Completion's liteware UL uplightsConcept Completion's liteware UL uplights

The liteware units are fully equipped with inbuilt W-DMX wireless DMX, allowing wireless control of the units from up to 200 meters away. A W-DMX wireless transmitter is also available, along with a full range of other lighting and control products. Get in touch if you would like more information or a hire list.

//Written: August 8, 2011
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