//Aske Gardens relaunch

We were tasked with creating a large scaffold based structure to house three full size trampolines for a dynamic engaging performance.
This was a complex design which we successfully transformed into reality in a couple of days.


//Written: June 14, 2014
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//Aske Gardens Launch

Concept Completion were approached by groupADI to undertake an ambitious temporary installation for the relaunch of Aske Gardens. Undertaken by United Visual Artists, this consisted of a complete redesign of the park and gardens as well as a temporary interactive art installation inspired by the Nike Flyknit collection.


In the space of just over one week, we realised a complete custom stage build surrounding three trampolines. This consisted of a custom designed and built hexagonal stage with three purpose built access ramps. Surrounding the trampolines and stage was a custom designed and built aluminium scaffold structure. Designed to precise angles and looks by UVA, we were tasked with recreating this design without deviations. We finished the installation off with a plywood skirt cladding as per the design.

For more photos, please see the portfolio gallery: Aske Gardens Launch Gallery

//Written: October 22, 2012
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