//Google at Enterprise Apps World

On behalf of Brand Fuel, we supplied equipment and crew for lighting, sound and video on the Google stand at Olympia.

//Written: June 20, 2014
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//Amnesty International Student Conference 2011

This yearly event had a change of venue, but we still provided all technical aspects for the event.

//Written: June 14, 2014
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//Amnesty International Trafalgar Square Egypt rally

Concept Completion were happy to help Amnesty International with a last minute rally on Saturday 12th February in Trafalgar Square, London. We were contacted on the Monday afternoon and asked to provide a stage, lighting, sound and a video screen for a two hour rally taking place to support those in Egypt.

Amnesty International Trafalgar Square Egypt rallyAmnesty International Trafalgar Square Egypt rallyAmnesty International Trafalgar Square Egypt rally

We provided Amnesty International with a huge 46 square metre LED screen, which helped everyone within Trafalgar Square see the presentations and speakers throughout the afternoon. This was supplemented with a high quality D&B sound system for clear speech and audio, and some basic lighting to aid camera visuals.
Concept Completion were on hand for the entire day to run the rally from a technical stand point. This helped Amnesty International staff concentrate on the rally itself and the large amount of press on site.

To see all of the photos from this event, please click here, or go to our portfolio page.

//Written: February 21, 2011
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//Amnesty International Trafalgar Square rally

Concept Completion were asked to provide a last minute solution for Amnesty Internationals upcoming rally at Trafalgar Square in London. We were given just five days to organise a video screen, stage, sound system and lighting for the event taking place this Saturday 12th February.
Further information will be made available once the event has taken place.

//Written: February 8, 2011
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